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No matter type of gates you’re looking for, contact us for a high-quality option at a fair price.

Most properties throughout the Matthews, North Carolina area have fences around them to provide a defined perimeter. However, when you’re getting a new fence at your home or replacing the existing fence, it’s smart to think about adding at least one gate for accessibility. Without gates, your property won’t be inviting to anyone who comes to visit. You can also use the gate to go between your front and backyards, making it easier to open and close the access point to get where you need to go.

Gates in Matthews, North Carolina

If you’re thinking about trying to install your own gate, you may want to reconsider that plan. Adding a gate to an existing fence is a challenging process that is best left to a professional fencing team. At Timber Fencing, we provide installation of gates and fences for clients throughout Matthews, North Carolina. We’ll be happy to provide you with a reasonable estimate to add a gate to your property or replace the existing fence and include a gate.

Our services also include installation of other types of gates. We can add a gate to the front of your street to keep it more private and secure. Our team members also provide installation of driveway gates that open when you press a button on the remote control. No matter type of gates you’re looking for, contact us at Timber Fencing for a high-quality option at a fair price. We’re leaders in the area when it comes to fencing and gates.

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