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It is difficult to imagine a flower garden without beautiful flowers, vines, and a garden fence to showcase everything. However, did you know that not all vines and fences play nice together? One goal of any home gardener is to avoid having to replace things too often, so if you are planning a garden fence and vines, you should know how to combine the two in a way that won’t destroy your new fence.

Garden Fence

The trickiest situation is a wood garden fence. The structural damage that woody vines, in particular, can cause to a wood fence will quickly ruin what you achieved. This is not to say you can’t pair a wood fence with vines, but you’ll need to limit your vine choices to annual, herbaceous varieties such as sweet pea, morning glory, climbing nasturtium, and moonflower.

If you really want to go with the best option for a garden fence, consider aluminum, as it can handle literally anything, including grapevines, roses, and wisteria that could be a bit too heavy for some other types of fences. The open framework of an aluminum garden fence makes a beautiful backdrop.

If you are considering a flower garden and want to know which garden fence will best suit your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at Timber Fencing. We’ll be happy to go over the different options and discuss how they’d hold up to the types of vines and flowers you plan to grow. Call today to learn more and get answers to all your fencing questions.

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