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There was a time when the proverbial “American Dream” included a house with a white picket fence. It represented a day and age when families sat out on the front porch and spoke with their neighbors as they passed by. Today’s family is more likely to spend their time in a privacy-fenced backyard, but it could just be that is changing. It might surprise you that the picket fence front yard is making a comeback, and so is front porch sitting. “People watching” isn’t just something to do on a bistro patio or the window seat of your favorite restaurant.

Why the Picket Fence is Making a Comeback

A picket fence isn’t just a stylish option that is making a comeback due to its adorable appearance. It is also a great way to control having people walk across your front lawn. It isn’t a secure barrier, but a visual one that most will honor. A picket fence can also be used to define your yard, so if you have a neighbor who tends to mow part of your lawn in a way you do not like (too short, for example), putting up a picket fence will end that problem.

You’ll also find that a picket fence makes a beautiful backdrop to your landscaping. Placing flowers and shrubbery along it creates an amazing scene that you’ll love to view from your front porch. This is not to say that a picket fence isn’t a great choice for the backyard too, as it can be if you prefer the open feel rather than feeling closed off with a solid fence. It is all about personal preference.

If you would like to be a part of the picket fence comeback, reach out to us at timber fencing. We offer a variety of wood fence options, including both privacy and picket-style, so you can get the end result that fits your family’s needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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