Big Dog? What You Need to Know About Fences

Big dogs can be your best friend, security system, and bed warmer, with many more amazing benefits besides. However, a big dog can also pose a big challenge – how to keep them safe and happy. Fences are necessary for a dog-friendly yard, provided you choose the right one and know that a fence is actually just a starting point.

The first thing to do is understand the breed of dog you have. Some have an amazing capacity for jumping and look at fences as a challenge they have to overcome. As if that isn’t enough, others are practically escape artists and will climb, dig, chew, or anything else they have to do to escape. It isn’t just about the urge to escape, either. For some it is the need to get to what they observe. Once you take these things into consideration, you’ll have a better idea about the practicality of chain-link fences and the height you’ll need to go with for successful containment.

You should also have a realistic expectation about your dog’s determination, so you can consider doing things that will curtail his desire to escape. Fences by themselves won’t solve your problem if you have an unhappy dog, so you may still need to consider a way to incorporate lots of exercise and attention to keep him happy at home.

It is possible to proceed with fences that will meet all your requirements, including keeping within your budget and looking aesthetically pleasing. The important thing is not to overlook one goal while meeting others.

If you would like advice about fences from a trusted professional in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, turn to us at Timber Fencing. We offer quality products that can stand up to the zealous and rambunctious behavior of a large dog. Whether you need a privacy fence to keep neighborhood squirrels from teasing him or a nice, tall fence that’s higher than his jumping capacity, we are confident we can get it done for you. Call today to learn more.