Paving, Matthews, NC

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Paved walkways are beautiful and functional. However, the process of paving should only be done by a skilled professional. Poorly installed pavers can crack and break when someone walks on them, which is problematic and can pose a safety hazard. When a paver is damaged, the risk of tripping is greater, especially for those who may be visiting your property and don’t realize that the pathway is uneven. If you’re tempted to install a paved walkway on your property, save yourself the headache and contact our team at Timber Fencing. Paving is one of the services we offer, in addition to a variety of fencing services. We have provided paving services for many clients located in Matthews, North Carolina.

Paving in Matthews, North Carolina

When we install a paved walkway on your property, some of the benefits include increased value and more curb appeal. With a clearly defined walkway, people who visit your property are less likely to walk on your grass or other parts of the landscaping, which helps to keep your plants healthy.

Our team members will start the process by carefully preparing the site where we will install your paved pathway. The foundation is one of the most important aspects of your walkway, as an uneven site will result in an uneven area on which to walk. We also take the time to make sure all pavers are set properly and installed correctly. This ensures a paved walkway that will last for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our paving services.

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