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If you are thinking about installing a deck, then we highly recommend installing a custom deck. Custom decks are beautiful, functional, and made with your specific desires, style, and needs in mind. The reasons we know you will love custom decks are:

  • Your Style – When you choose to build a custom deck you are able to design and pick the exact style of your deck. You can pick everything, down to the color of screws used.

Why You Cannot Go Wrong with a Custom Deck

  • Fits Your Home – A custom deck is made to fit your home and property. You can have multiple levels, built-in benches, or a custom shape. Your deck should match the character and look of your home. A custom deck will allow you to accomplish this.
  • Extension of Your Home – A custom deck is an extension of your home. Your home will look and feel bigger with a new beautiful deck. You can use your new deck to entertain guests, relax in the evenings, play games as a family, or cook your favorite meal.
  • Structurally Sound – A custom deck will be designed and built with your specific soil in mind. If additional structural supports are needed, they can be added.

Here at Timber Fencing, we understand the importance of having a good deck in North Carolina. They are the perfect place to celebrate a beautiful summer day or enjoy a cool fall evening. We believe that we can give you exactly what you want and need so that you can fully enjoy your outdoor space.

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