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Custom decks are one of the most popular home renovations these days. They are more affordable than adding onto your home, yet still give you added living and entertainment space. It might surprise you that you can get some of the top features that are in demand without busting your budget. Here are a few you can choose from to make your deck work great for you and your family.

Top Features for Custom Decks That Won’t Bust Your Budget

First, consider not just the upfront costs but the maintenance costs involved when choosing materials for your deck. Maintenance-free materials may cost a bit more but save you from staining and sealing every couple of years. You’ll save not only the cost of doing that, but also the time and effort involved.

Next, consider how you want to use your deck. For example, features such as a fire pit and water features are perfect both for relaxing at the end of a long day and providing a great backdrop for entertaining.

Creating added functions is another option when planning custom decks. For example, add a pergola to gain some shade or build in custom seating that will save you from storing chairs when not in use. You can also add character easily with landscaping features, an arbor, or special accents like lighting to make the space fit your sense of style.

Here at Timber Fencing, we enjoy making your vision of custom decks a reality for you and your family. We are dedicated to providing excellence in all we do, and with our experience and attention to detail, we provide custom decks that not only look great but also perform well for many years to come. We are happy to meet with you to go over the various options available to give you the customized result you are hoping for at your Charlotte, North Carolina home.

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